Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who to blame?

I got this from OTN, there's a guy posted his entry:


I have been working since 2 years and i have never seen ORA-00020 process value limit 400 exceeded. due to this it does not allow new connection to the database.

I am wondering why this happen all at sudden because database was running fine until now. do you know where i should look to find out root cause of the problem.

and see what the other guy answers:
Why would it be a problem?
Did your user community grow?
Or do you think for every problem
1 Oracle is too blame
2 I can't do any research, so let's dump it in an OTN forum
3 My boss beats me up for every character I type here, so I'll post an useless question without platform and version info, and sit back with my feet on my desk, and let those poor volunteers sweat.

What say you??